Andre Nickatina

Monday Like Friday

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-Andre Nickatina
i met you wit my mouthpiece sideways
rippin down the highway
even tho its monday i treat it like a friday
special introduction lighting up the function
better cope junction playboys smoke trees
ima shake my pearm shake my pearm
and ima let the hat man the curls all turn
i have it roll loosely even roll tightly
girl im such a pisces in my white nikes
turn around slightly you lookin kinda pricy
and i like to sell yea thats what i got to tell ya
sexy lil butter cup you can be the runner up
even tho cold days cats free and tumble up
hot lil thang give for this game
and treat it like your runnin on a M track train
the beat in the back shake the weed in my lap
the store on the north buy blunts by the pack

yea kick back, ease up, roll a fat blunt
i got to play the breaks on this rap stuff
im on the chase and cant slow down
now, and checkin the trap its scattered all around town
thats what ammo i aint really dissin you
and i aint got no demo for you to listen to
im on the verge and on her like lip stick
and usin more words that shoot her from the hip quick
rapper raids and charge on the turn around
these hoes are chosen and all 'cause im runnin out
im in key like do ray me
you'll see the will be the day like when a hoe break me
i got it all across the nation
just from the jurios conversation
stop hating 'cause i got it like that
i holla like motherf**ka can you buy that

-Andre Nickatina
playboy on my hotel villian
wit rap cat feelins
me and this bird we just be chillin
spit the gift my new stan smiths
bubble that off the top do this quick
i roam like a leopard, shake up the pepper
jump like a checker, cash my checkas
wearin my leather you know she better
be way better than that other heffer

-Shag Nasty
leave it up to shag always come with some fly shit
try hard any day to ignore the fact im rich
i ignore my bitch let the shit i aint trippin
me and poom sippin sippin
hit the strip club and clippin
windows up packed now
sam called me for the brickin
candy cranberry drippin
niggas say the fo sickin
i just know the doors liftin
i can smoke a whole zippin
one night game tight on the roof game high
my niggas all alike let your brain stay tight
hustlin in the rain do i thank to the day light
smokin urcle blowin circles
sippin on a purple sprite
in the hood drivin high
strike should never leave the life
fienes never leave the pipe
bitches give me all the money
if you want attention from me
take this clip and your tummys
yous a f**kin crash dummy
all the bitches snatch from me
just to pass cash to me
suckas never last feel me

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