Monkey Boy

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You're a monkey boy monkey boy
Living on the edge and the kids are screaming louder

You're a monkey boy monkey boy
Standing on the edge inside you're getting prouder

Some people never know
Just when to let him go
If i were you i would do so

So keep him in a cage
And he'll become enraged
You'll better find a safer place

Some people never care
To help the solitaire
They all say they are unaware

He's sitting looking at you
And wonder what the hell are you gonna do
When he is out he's gonna get to you

So look what they have done
The war have just begun
So monkey boy go get your gun

If you are feeling low
Its time to let it show
So bring me all the hate you know

And everything that you really wanna be is gonna be the struggle
Fighting in your fantasy
When you are out they'll never get to you

But if you fall right next to me
I will stand righteous for thee

And if i die right next to you
As will they do rest beside you