Moonlit Sanctum

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Here we are
Assumed as a wreath on the sculpture god's
Sisters heritors from inherent fire
Demons maggoty
No we are
The winter breath fierced frolicing
Libido dreams of eternal kisses
Thunders from heart
Let allay our indifference we breed the flames
We breed the stars
Priestess still fertile
They're breeding for us
Evil unrest
But as sarsen
Are we reverent?
Venerates with brilliant knowledge
Of phantom speech in epitaph embrace
If catharsis by darkness abduct our spirits
At last?
Frantic shadow fell onto us
There is yearning inside
There is our confession
For the dark's eternal glory
Into the glow of the beaming moon new
I'm glad our deliverance shall come soon
Desirous to being erred
Imbue with erotic craft
But we're sentimental
Then benighted cerements
Freeze the flesh between nocturnal frost
Dimness gods are proud again
Of their lords believers
Beyond the candles burning
Bond so the black mirror above
Upon the unholy sanctum shore
Dark ocean gives us an atmosphere supreme
And our eyes drown in black
As they are - for all
Dimness lords craving still reign
Into the fading cold silence
We took a long voyage for infusion inside
An immortal act into the gentle darkened romance...

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