Between The Buried & Me


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Asleep mid-sentence the words fell apart.
No one is listening anyway.
This day will soon turn black and my "wants and needs"
Will spill on my burning ashes.
I learned to be selfish today…
I learned to be alive.

These things I care for are for
My personal gain and my personal happiness only.
Why should I sit in your chairs and satisfy your standards.
I've done it all before and I've confused my self
A thousand times.

The tragic day that I call morality
Just doesn't do it for me anymore.
No more choices, just standing in the cold.
The day will turn black and I will have either lived or died.
Asleep mid-sentence- my words fall to the ground.
Swept into this dreamland.
Economic satisfaction, never succeed.
But happiness has its place.
Justice will not lie in your corner.

Throw myself in the corner
I have nothing to complain about here.
A tragic day seems too peaceful to most,
Spoiled ambitions turned my heart to black.

Living dreams, loving dreams,
Awakening to what I've always dreamt of.
Living dreams, loving dreams,
Awakening to what I've always dreamt of.

The familiar sound, the familiar sound of
The lovely love from the love of my life
Will keep the notes coming.

From the reciting of the show,
From the plip and the shevanel,
From the grind that annoys,
And the sarcasm they hate.

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