Al Denson

More Than Meets The Eye

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No one had seen a darker day
As they watched Him crucified
They were confused and so afraid
Why would God let His own Son die
They thought their hopes and dreams were lost
They couldn't see beyond despair
That God led Jesus to the cross
But didn't plan to leave Him there

There's more to His love than meets the eye
It's bigger than anything in life
It's a love that has no boundaries
A love that will not die
There's more to His heart than we can see
Greater than we can even dream
So remember, there's more to love than meets the eye

It's in those moments of defeat
When we're fighting to hold on
That He allows us to be weak
So He may prove to us He's strong
The way our lives fit in His plan
May be a picture we can't see
So trust His heart and take His hand
There's always hope it we'll believe


I keep dreaming of a place
That waits behind the door
Where I will see for eternity
All that heaven has in store


Autor(es): Al Denson / Leonard Ahlstrom