More Than Words (inglês)

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Tell me your urges, maybe you're not ready to say them
You are my first love
Small expressions I couldn't give you
So it seems it was all too fast
But I will wait for you from now until...

* That's more than a word, feel my love
Words are not enough, I love you
I don't like using any other words
(There are so many feelings inside of me)
That's more than a word, feel my love
Still try to feel my heart
I am with you for eternity (With you for eternity)

It's all so easy to say, the small trembling love but...
But to do that, there are frequent precious images
Your eyes give me thanks, I feel that my heart is comforted
So it came to be now, this love and me are different

* (Repeat)

I can hear it, Too soon in me the words become very important
I am happy with you, I will love you baby

I see the world for the first time like a child,
It is strange, but I am not one, I'm together..
Sinking into these mysterious eyes of yours
Saying so easily that the littlest thing is love
I hpoe you and me are forever,
I've waited a long time for this minute
Happiness from true love is precious
Seem to listen to the other values
In my heart, your opinion alwyas matters
I don't rest for long, my eyes see the light
The world looks at us with envy in it's eyes
You and me, together in our hearts

I am with you for eternity
Like this for eternity