More Than Words

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I cry for justice mercy
I scream for love
In the shadows and a man is weaping
Alone to face no one

A river of pain is steadily rising
Ready to overflow
Flooding the hope for tomorrow
Can I rise above?

I feel the winds blowing stronger
I see the storms coming closer
Shelter me in heavens son
I need some place to turn
Give me hope, give me love
These are more than words

So many dreamers leave empty handed
The fade away
Fade into a veil of sorrow
Tormented night and day
And the victims that walk the streets so freely
You'd never know the pain
Inside they're so torn to pieces
Torn like you and me


It's my prayer, it's my cry, desire
I cry for justice, mercy
I scream for love
My empty hand extends to hevean
For just a single touch

Autor(es): Mike Stand

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