Bill Anderson

Mornin' After Baby Let Me Down

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The alarm clock woke my sleeping but I lay there for a minute
With a million cobwebs clinging to my brain
I stopped the bell from ringing in the times it takes a heartbeat
Then I settled back and closed my eyes again
I reached out for my baby for some early morning loving
Then the terrible truth came staggering through my head
There was nothing but the fragrance of her perfume on the pillow
Baby wasn't there beside me in the bed
It's the mornin' after baby let me down
It's the daybreak and the heartbreak that I found
Only silence to torment me no soft hands to touch me gently
It's the mornin' after baby let me down

There was nothing to hold on to except the sheets that fell around me
And I started into tremblin' like a leaf
How could that woman leave me she was more than just a lover
She was every bit a lady warm and sweet
I can taste the salty teardrops God it's gettin' hard to swallow
I hope a glass of bourbon can take the pain away
I got no appetite for eatin' just a sick and empty feelin'
What a good for nothing way to start the day
It's the mornin' after baby...

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