Most Of Us

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These days while surfing channels
It can really freak you out
Fill you full of doubt and freak you out

You'd think we'd all gone crazy
But I tell you it's not true
The ones that make the noise make the news

Before we go believing we're on our way to hell
I think you should remember well that

Most of us don't have a gun
Don't argue on tv
Yeah, most of us like most of us
And we're not like what we see

We don't care who you're loving
Or the colors of their skin
We don't burn cars when our teams win

Could not care less who's richer
Or who can kick who's ass
And when we leave the beach we don't leave trash

For most of us it's simple
Be good and don't be bad
Appreciate your mom and dad


Autor(es): Chris Horvath / Kipp Lennon / Mark Lennon / Matt Laug / Michael Lennon / Pat Lennon