Maria Doyle Kennedy


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conduit of blood and stones
food and shells
spells and bones
webs of skin
precious things
ways of being in them
conduit to find you there
sit you down , stroke your hair
tell you how it is you should be feeling

conduit of blood and spells
candle wishes
warning bells
sounds she made when you were born
secret lines of suffering
conduit of skin and bone
sit you down and draw you in
showing you the double edge of keening

and then you fill your house
with things she likes
and you line her way with reminders

you pray her heel upon your floor
and you try so hard to find her

Mother , call down

conduit of blood and rope
tender signs
a lifeboat
shows of kindness
ways of pain
the grace that's in accepting
conduit of everything early felt and early seen

Autor(es): Maria Doyle Kennedy

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