Acid Reign

Motherly Love

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My Mother, she told me off today
And so I killed her
But not really she's still alive
Inside my head
Sitting, sitting and watching me
And the girls I play with
Feels threatened when anyone gets close
They never play long

Norman come here
I want to see you
Remember, your Mother
Is the only one who really loves you
Stay away from those dirty girls
I will look after you
I'll be here for ever, forever for you

The window is where she hides
Sometimes I see her
Perfect preserved by my own hand
For my use
People say that I'm insane
Mother says I'm not
The telephone is our toy
Sometimes she treats me

Suspected of murder but,
I could never kill anyone
Besides, I have no will,
I'm a very good boy
Evil tricks that are played on me
To provoke my Mother
Why, why, why pick on her?
Just let her rest

Autor(es): Howard Smith