Abandon All Ships

Mr. cardiac

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I've been freaking out
At the thought of you
With someone else...
You say hes just a friend
and I can trust baby

Don't stress out
But your conscience tells me things that your lies
can't make out
so it's my turn now...

you thought that the worst was done...
but you don't know
You Don't know what too become...
So you cant call me Mr. Cardiac
Imma make your heart attack
You cant call me Mr. Cardiac
Imma make you heart attack.

You've been leaving out
the truth that you feel
when I'm around...
Tell what You love
and I will make sure
you won't love again...
And this pain that I feel now will be the pain that you feel then
And what goes around
comes back around again...

And you claimed that there was no one else...
But I saw him in your eyes.
And you knew very well yeah...
Now It's my turn too show you...
What I'ts like
To make you Laugh.
To make you cry
To make you feel
Like you meant nothing at all