Big Bill Broonzy

Mr. Conductor Man

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I got up this morning : hear the train whistle blow
Lord I thought about my baby : I sure did want to go

Lord I grabbed up my suitcase : I *dropped it on the floor*
I could see the conductor : he waving his hands to go

I said Mr conductor man : I want to talk to you
I want to ride your train : from here to Bugaloo

I'm leaving this morning : man I ain't got my fare
But I will shovel coal in your engine : till your train get me there

Crying please Mr conductor man : please take my last thin dime
Lord I got a woman in Bugaloo waiting : man I can't lose no time

When the bell started ringing : conductor hollered all aboard
Lord I picked up my suitcase : start walking down the road

I'm leaving this morning : I sure don't want to go
Lord and the woman I been loving : she don't want me no more

Autor(es): Big Bill Broonzy

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