The Scarred

Mr. Hollywood

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It's too bad, and so sad... you say you gave up everything you had
but now you've given up and you're gone.. never understood it or admit that you're wrong
cuz you whine, and you pout.. guess you never knew or cared what it's all about
You packed your shit and you ran away, but I've got a few things left to say

I thought you had class, but I was wrong.
Same old story, same pathetic song.

Walking in the street again, I'm all alone at 3am and I'm
still thinking about what you said, while all the decent people are home in bed
Ring the alarm and sound the bell, I got a funny feeling we're going to hell
Down on broadway the city creeps, just a night on the prowl in Long Beach

I thought you had class but I was wrong. Same old Story same pathetic song, cuz
We don't wanna, we don't wanna, we don't wanna be told what to do (because)

We are the kids of broken homes and broken dreams
We are the ones with no identity