For Squirrels

Murder An Angel

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Aerial row
eyes bestow
what's never told
till ink does fall in time
and reminds from the minds
still trite these words just rhyme
but at the least arteries till heaven holds
the heart
Murder an Angel
(I can't stand for nothing)
with a glance
in a trance
some romance and turn these
inner fears
into weird kind of gears and
all the craze
but Hollywood would never take you
never break you
and all the righteous rest in peace
and say
Murder an Angel
I will stumble I will fall or
I will drown in alcohol
I will wonder as I choose
and I will be the first to lose
(and I look up to the sky)
what I send to these friends
is the end of my elastic words
that are heard in the dirt of
all that will be...
(son of the grade
part of a distance
I would grow cold, I never know)...