Music Freak

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I wanna have it close to me
Feel the beat
Push me up and down like a freak

This is a taste of ecstasy
Set me free
I'm in love with this fantasy

Oh, pulsing like some kind of heartbeat
I'm taken over by the sound
Oh, spin me around till i can't breathe
I just want the music, take me down

I don't want somebody to love
I'd rather dance tonight so please turn it up
I love the electronic
So give me sound, don't stop it
The music is my sex in the club

I wanna rock that record (music freak, music freak)

I don't need a lover right
To change my life
Cause i've got the rhythm inside

Oh, only songs can satisfy
This heart of mine
Trip the light fantastic deep this time

There is nothing in this world that can make me feel so high
Put the needle on it, give me bass or i'm gonna die
Blow the place for me, synthesize and i'm complete
I am gonna make some crazy love to the irresistible beat

I wanna pop that speaker (music freak, music freak)

Not looking for romance
I'm attracted to the trance
No one gets attention
Cause music's my mission

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