Musiq Soulchild

Musiq Soulchild (Interlude)

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ever since i can remember
cats been comin up and askin how did i
get to be where im at
with my whole style
and got the nerve to ask would i change anything about it
say its too lean or too crowded
but see thats just the thing
cause thats something that i dont worry myself too much about
cause im gonna do it the way that ive been doin it
since the first day that i start doin it
maybe fine tune it just a little but just enough
cause i dont wanna **** up and ruin it
i take this thing too seriously
my style is the ******* point of me
But see cats just dont get it
cause ****** just always gotta find a label or some kind of catagory
sayin yo this kid gotta be this
and he gotta be that
and he gotta be whatever
yo i just gotta be whatever you want and need me to be to
math your life better
m,u,s,i,q, s,o,u,l,c,h,i,l,d
thats my name
**** what
thats me

Autor(es): T. Johnson

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