My Black Cloud

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Shadows in the moonlight
Light my way to miracles
Something from the other side is calling me away

A cenacle aggression
Overseeing earth
Holding onto nothing all I haves' this blessed curse

I've lost my way out
Out of my Black Cloud

Voices in the darkness
Calling me to empty ground
Sitting at the corner wondering when I'll be found
a silhouette of angels
Divided by my hand
A cold heart revolution by my fatal stand

I've lost my way out
It's the only way I've found
Can't find my way down
Off of my Black Cloud
Just take the pain away
My Black Cloud
I've Tried!
Searching now for answers
as I try to keep my head
Still I sit and can't forget the final words you said
A mystifying concept
Reality yet dream
Holding onto paradise as fatal as it seems

Can't find my way out
and my conscience is so far around
Can't find my way down
Off of My black Cloud

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