My Exit, Unfair

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My exit, unobserved, my homesickness, absurd,
I said "water," expecting the word would satisfy my thirst!
Talking all about the second and third when i haven't understood the first,
Jonah, where's that boat going - your ship set with eager sail?
There's a swirling storm soon blowing, and no use,
Fishermen, in rowing from a consecrated whale!
Just like the clouds bring a darkness and a hard rain's gonna fall
I felt the crowds bring a loneliness and a hard rain's gonna fall
She always weighed me down, but, afraid i might need her, i dragged her around
(it's best to keep close sackcloth and ash in a whitewashed town)
She wore that phony smile on her face,
I guess like a bandage on a wounded place
While i kept the keys to every old lock just in case,
Rehearsed indifference tossed aside, our narrow arms spread wide,
"what unseen pen etched eternal things on the hearts of humankind
But never let them in our minds?"
Like the clouds bring a darkness and a hard rain's gonna fall
And all my laughter ends in emptiness and a hard rain's gonna fall
My every medicine caused more illness and a hard rain's gonna fall
But until i let you go i didn't know, you were never mine at all
But now i spend my days in ever-increasingly complicated ways
Convincing myself of the rightness of each word
I say my exit, unfair if unobserved!
Ya subur, subhannallahi, a'udhu billahi minash-shaitanir-rajim,
Al-hamdu lillah, bismillahir rahmanir rahim

Autor(es): mewithoutYou

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