My First Love

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Did you know that every day is so much more amazing
Waking up right next to you it feels like I'm daydreamin'
Never thought that I could ever love somebody the way that I love you
We had our days of fighting, breaking up and leaving
But you'll always make it right
Your smile made my whole weekend
It just melts away right into your hands
Don't ever trade it
Baby, I believe that we gon' make it

I'm so proud to say that you are my first love
When we're together baby, know that you're the only one
When you came next to me and hold me closely
I know you love me
You make my story complete
I'm so happy that I got you here to hold me down
I'll never break your heart and go astray no way no how
Treasure from up above
Never betray your trust
Always thinkin' 'bout us
Baby I'm forever in love

Oh, it feels so crazy when you wrap your arms around me
I place my ear against your chest to hear your heart beat
Take good care of me
'cause your the reason that I still believe our fairy tale has just begun
If I'm in a movie then don't nobody say cut
And if I could be dreaming then let me sleep forever
You're so lovely and sweet like honey
There ain't nothin' that can change the way these feelings boo


I never thought that miracles could happen
But your living proves that He's up there listening
And whenever I'm lost, you help me find my way home,
you direct me back to your house

Oh, I'm so proud baby you are mine

Chorus (x2)

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