All Get Out

My Friends

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My friends don't cry, they tuck it in and then they drink at night.
My friends won't die, they walk it off until it's all alright…they walk.

My pride sure shies, it hides itself inside a hole at night.
But my friend, i don't lie, i 'll make you feel like it's the end of your life if i have to.
God damn i want to.
It would take my life to test the waters that you're swimming in so this is the end.
It's where you die. it's where i want you to be. you're dead.

Four-day friends, wishing you were coming home.

So go on, go back and find yourself or find out who you want to be.
To live, and laugh, and love, and sing, and cry…just keep it away (from me)
I don't think myself to sleep each i lay down i just sleep
To god i promise, sweet god i promise that i'm going to call you and tell you how much
Better off i am.