My Hate

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I hate the way I'm always in the wrong somehow
What do you want me?
You bitch n' moan and drain more life away each time you need my sympathy
Throw me a gun 'cos there's no off-switch on this bitch
That's always in my face

Just stay the fuck away from me
This has got to change before my hate for you is released
I can't take this

I hate the way you always twist the truth to fit your worthless point of view
I realise it's hard for you to comprehend with your reduced IQ
That all I want is some tranquility, but no, I have no room to breathe
When you're to blame for everything that's in my head
A hate that never leaves

This is the point of no return
I can't go back now
It's clear to me you'll never learn
I can't take this

It's closing in
This is closing in