My Hero

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To my hero
You're calling out to me
The ray of light you shine
Is bright
I wish you could see all the good that you put in my life

I hear you singing
Oh to hear you singing
Songs that made you young when you were winning
You filled a room with life when you were drinking
And then I'd hear you say

I've seen things
Things that I hope you will never see ever again

You're like Paul Newman
Looking at the moon
Your eyes twinkle
Like midnight in the garden of Eden
You suffered just south of heaven
But all the things you've done for us Are long gone now
All is fair in love n' war the question is how?

Heart sinking
To think the man I knew was sent killing
Not all the tales you told were filled with sorrow
You found yourself a girl that gave you tomorrow
The rest is left to us

Now I've seen things
I wouldn't have seen if you hadn't have fought for my days
To my hero
To my hero
You gave us what we know
But now you have to go

To my hero, my hero
To my hero, my hero
To my hero, my hero


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