My Lifeline

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My Lifeline

storm blowin' in, clouds hang over my head
closer by the minute, my lifeline
i can't move at all, i feel so helpless
like a piece of wood, drifting in sea of time

i've had my struggles, heartaches and pain
made some mistakes, hope i never make again
the older i get, the wiser i'll be
and i won't give up, before i am free

searching the past, where did the years go
by much too fast, i don't know
the rains pouring down, i see water rising
soon it's sink or swim, that's what i am realizing


there's always a hope for tomorrow
and i'll try to put behind me my sorrows


i feel so alone, in this life i'm livin'
noting much in common, with the average man
the storm is arrange, floodgates are giving
throw me my lifeline, if you think you understand


there's always a hope for tomorrow
you should try to put behind you your sorrows

Autor(es): S.Hagen

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