My Little Home In Tennessee

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Every night I'm dreaming of a little home
Down among the hills of Tennessee
And I'm always lonely, longing to return
To the place that means the world to me

Just a little shack, roof all turning black
Still it is a palace fair to me
Songbirds always singing 'round my kitchen door
In my little home in Tennessee

I can see my mother standing by the gate
As I drove the old horse up the lane
She would never scold me when I'd get in late
How I wish I'd never caused her pain

With her tender smile beaming all the while
No one could be so kind to me
Now she's gone to heaven and she'll never return
To my little home in Tennessee

I can still remember many years ago
When my sweetheart wandered by my side
Down among the mountains where wildflowers grow
There she promised she would be my bride

Then another man won her heart and hand
Then I knew how much she meant to me
I was brokenhearted and I went away
From my little home in Tennessee

Autor(es): A.P. Carter

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