A House

My Little Lighthouse

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You give me inspiration
You give me love
My little lighthouse
And the brilliant things that you do
I think I could like you

Yes, we could walk for awhile
Or simple talk for awhile
We could watch a video show
Or catch a picture show, don't you know
We could shower, put on a change of clothes
And go where everyone goes
We could stay in
Get a cheap bottle of wine and dine


We could go where the wind blows o'er your hair
As it blows, watch it show the sky, the sky is much darker now
But you wouldn't like that, no, you wouldn't like that
And if I could see out, I wouldn't have to shout
There's no need to pout


We could take a weekend away
Do holiday things, get drunk and fall down
And no aspirations you hold
No heart made of gold, tell things just as they're told
So let me tell you now there's no silver lining
There's those that don't want to see
And the story so far rings like a shotgun in your head