My love

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Be carefull what you say
Broken promisses, empty words, never fading
And I believed, in you love
You forgot friends, you're alone
But you can come to father

No more cry, haven't fear
Trust in Jesus christ, your lord, your king
Faithful, and better friend
He gave your blood, to you, and me
And died at the cross

You can believe, just follow him, I need you forever
And he always came, he talked your shame
His wounds closed, and he loved
The first time when I found you in the love

Forever I will go, forever I will love
You be mine I know, he sent your son
I've life words, he save us
Will rise up with us never more you will lost
Now, you are my friend, you will get his hands
Because I touch your heart
You are my love

I'm standing, I have a friend
I fell like the wind in the sky
There's God, and there's love
I can say my lips, praise the lord
Anything will stop us

Did you cry for everything
You lost someone when you lost up before
It's fading in your life
We pray to you, Jesus is our lord
And he give us your hands
He give us your hands

Autor(es): Bruno Diedrichs

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