My Nuts... Your Chin... Connection!

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When you look in the mirror,
Does the image you see reflect the latest fashion?
May the victors' validity be measured?
By who has the longest 'hawks?
You're the fearless shit-talker on message boards
But afraid of the pit
Just try to earn scene points
Not to support the bands

I look around with contempt in my blood for what I see
A weak scene; tainted and watered down
Its time to rectify and to solidify our scene
Play only with bleeding heart passion

Punk as fuck!

When you're too punk for punk
Buy an emo sweater and claim post-suck-my-cock
It's a vanity circus
Toting around a fashion side-show
False-metal fucking sucks and
And you should be hanged by your seventh string
Just 'cause you've fucked all the bands
Only makes you a whore

MTV generation hand-fed and force-fucked
No integrity! (NO) No sincerity! (NO)
It's hazardous to chew bubble gum
While jumping on a fucking pogo-stick!!!

[Solo: Brandon]