My Own House

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It was a cold ugly morning
Just the right place to begin
I had a feeling, and it wasn't wrong
That something was broken and nothing was where it had been

(In my…)
Feelin' mighty low
(Own house)
How was I to know?
I'd be taken in
(Own house)
You were breaking in
Oh will it ever be the same
In my house?

Now heaven knows I'm no angel
And I've done some time on my own
But how am I just to let it go
When my back door is gone and I can't get the mud off the floor


Forgiveness is long in coming
And love even longer still
But I'll change my heart, and I'll change the lock on the door
And try to forget, though I don't know if I ever will


Oh won't you look at me and tell me
How did you feel
(Own house)
As I was sleeping there
In my house
Will it ever be the same?

My house

Autor(es): Venice