Frozen Mist

My Passion Bleeds Crimson Ice

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You twist my soul deeper
Oh, show me that you care
An undying passion left to die
In this darkened nightmare
I'm crying, I'm dying,
I'm rotting away
Fall into the arms of death
The fluids of erotic decay.

Bless the soul that feeds my mind
I travel the wasted miles
Did I ever make you euphoric?
Our love was so versatile
You were my last hope
To save me from my sadness
My last resort-
To keep me from this madness.

This compression of fears
Your hollowness calling to be saved
The screams unheard in-sync
Molestation of this dying grave
You're crying, You're dying,
We're rotting away
Fall into the arms, I descend
These fluids of passionate array.

You cannot run anymore
You slowly start to fade away
The blood trickles down my lifeless body
As I lay in ecstasy.

A shattered love I know will last
Now I can forget my wicked past
No more shall I cry all these tears
I shed my life of these broken fears.

Through the weary eyes of a broken heart
I emerge from the ashes of who I once was.

And now look at what I have become
You're erased from my mind
I wonder what I could have been
A pathetic mortal, I steal your soul.

Your soul is cutting deeper
An abyss into my skin
My mind is tormented
By this relentless sin
As I look into the eternal flames
I see who I once was
You were happy and serene
Tears of pain shed down forever...

What has happened to me?
I escape this morbid reality...

She runs through my veins like liquid fire
The crimson ice my passion bleeds
She is the beauty of my desire
This crystal to bloom my widow's weeds.

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