Mystery To Me

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Hey bud is that your sister or is it that she can't see so good?
I've been all around this world and I've never understood
What makes a woman love, what makes somebody care
There ought to be some logic but I don't see any there

Do you have a lot of money or some hidden attribute?
Can't she face the obvious her problem is acute
'Cause you don't know how to dress, you've got that goofy little walk
Your girlfriend needs a raincoat 'cause you sputter when you talk

I've boned up on my history
And it's still a mystery
Mister, it's a mystery to me

Maybe she's a saint who took some pity on your soul
She had too much compassion then just went out of control
Now you're walking hand in hand, I would have said no way
I do believe in miracles, 'cause I've seen one today


Does she have a judgement problem
Or maybe lose some kind of bet
Contract some strange affliction
Doctors haven't conquered yet

What makes somebody love, what makes a body care
There ought to be some logic but I don't see any there


Autor(es): Geoff Bartley / John Gorka

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