My Words Are Carnal...

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My words are carnal, they've got elbows lips
They groved by the skin
Blood flow through them, spittle are dripping through them
Glands are growling in them
cold air is hissing in the lugs of my words
they've got liver, kidney about spine is beating
Hairy muscle, black heart of words
My words are carnal
their skin is peeling
Kidneys are blocking
Gums are rotting to them
Heart is pumping sand in the dry weins of words
Hair is getting off
The tongue is breaking down
Glands producing white sweet mould
Cancer is storing black eggs in the spine of flesh
Nerves are rotting separetly
pituary gland separetly
Liver of words is refusing
Obedience to words
Heart is cracking to them
And from the open laryx
Flowing foamy stream
Blood and phlegm