Depressing balance

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Lethal wrong, natal end
mistakes were always taught
time ago, hurting wrong
is inmortal
we ramified the root

Grave depression, growing pain
mark our lifetime
more people fall again
race that's endangered now
from the beginning
we admired ourselves

Solitude, its fist is locking
reality, the past in mourning
mortality from the origin
memory drows in the deep shame

Violence, tribal been
far conceptions
the tumour from the past
it spreaded killing beens
now reviving
uninterrupted chain

To do wreck, perpetuate
our species
this is an eternal wreck
radical attitude
that's deforming
our normal way of act

Mercy now, before the guilty
tradition, give us innocence
extintion, unint errupted
corrosion, gnaws the existence

Deep greys it is comming from the time to darken
being present on our proper burial
thoughtful race, sickest from the root
belly,from the matrix to give birth the extintion
from the remote vision of the zenith
blinded too distant
old death may be will be the light that wake up
and blind our near horizons
may be the solution will be die
splendour will do what all evil on the earth
hides in the primitive abyss of the time
drowing fast...but reborning
old time is witness of the worst deception
the erosion of the been made deserts
where the mankind strands till die
traces of a race in constant evolution
the evolution gave us destruction
mother earth...lull us slowly
faces that has changed through this time of mistakes
the evolution turns involution
sheared, wrong minds to be bred
manking, we are frighted of our darker shadow
under the protection of the slow death
frayer persistent