Frozen Mist

Narcissus Beauty

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Born into an open field of dreams
The silence echoes a river of solitude
Images of your beauty flash before my eyes
The flowers grow in a garden of eternity
Reflected in a mirror of your soft voice
An outline of shivering cold desire

This winter, I stay alive in confinement
To reveal your true fears hidden within
Fascinations mold your white exotic soul
Please dear, don't leave me betrayed
I'll kiss your evil pain away
This aroma of your lush petals leave me to stay

Embrace your insides, I keep you warm
Your wings are torn, I mend the blistered scars
The moist kisses I feel, so smooth like your lips
Our love blooming into the frozen mist

In this river I forever drown my memories
A pale white beauty that I caress so tight
The falling tears from your precious face
Don't ever disappear from my wretched sight
Let me wrap my arms around your petals
A blossoming daydream in eteheral heaven
My love for you so pure, light and angelic
A calling of eternal cries we forever beckon

I ressurect the empty flower buried in you
Shining altars of pleasure corrupt my sight
Malicious intensions, a burden of our lifestream
Together we wither the shards of your petals
A love falling apart with nothing to mend
Broken anxiety gathers at the misty roots
Collecting our loneliness of bereavement
This warm ice burns your floral ovary

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