Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

Nashville Parthenon

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If you ever make it back to Nashville
Remember you have still got a friend
I'll meet you at the Parthenon
That's the place we always went

It's been so dull since you left Nashville
I've read the same books again & again
It makes me wish I wasn't bashful
When it comes to other men

But if I could have my way
Darling you'd come home

Remember when you moved to Nashville
& the first time that we kissed
Remember when your mother found us
Remember that you're sorely missed

& when you make it back to Nashville
We'll forget all of your sins
& I still buy two pairs of everything
So when you come home you & I'll be twins

Because if I could have my way
I wouldn't be alone

Autor(es): Owen Ashworth

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