Natural Man

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The things that grow in San Bernadino
They crossed an orange with a pecan
I've been as nutty as fruit cake
Since the first time that I crossed with a man

The things that fly in L.A., in L.A. County skies
I've seen some things that I couldn't explain
Some people see the space man
Other people the just never get to see a thing
Never get to see a thing

We crossed our life with G.E., G.E. electric light
And we lit up a world that we don't understand
Too many walking hybrids
Will there ever be a ooh, natural man?
Ever be a natural man?

I was walking down the road the other day
And I thought I saw a natural man

Will there ever be a natural man?
Will there ever be a natural man?
Will there ever, goin' lookin', goin' lookin'
Goin' lookin' for a natural man

Autor(es): Melanie Safka

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