NBA Live

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It's hoop life
We got a lot of competition on the court today
I ain't gotta say my name but
All I want to say is we ready to play

I told my young niggas that this shit is kill season
I send 'em an o.g now, they call it drill season
I guess I'm stuck in the past with my old fucking cash
I got straps on deck, no faggot
I heard these suckas stealing swag
They can't steal my swag it's two guns in the bag
I made smart investments I own a couple stocks
Put suckas in the ground I put they bitches on top

The money on top I check this shit like birdman
You see me in the streets before rap, I'm the birdman
Like young stunna, I'm lookout and the runner
I'm the buyer and supplier, I love to play, with the fire
Tax niggas like we been doing, ain't nothing but shoo-shooing
Tryna' make money move, niggas playing petty games
Stuck in the 5th grade, I'm way past these niggas
I'm so raw I slow it down to gas on niggas

You hot, you hot today
Like I said man we tryna' get you
To score more than 15 and 20 points
We tryna' have you average something crazy
Some of these rules ain't fair
So like I said we breaking the rules
Every time lil b play on the court

He doing his own motherfucking
Thing making his own rules
This hoop life, oh yeah hoop life toe
Oh yeah we playing basketball for life baby
Like I said man, we can do anything any-fucking day
Anytime, hoop life mixtape we rocking
Shout out to lil b, basedgod!

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