An Pierlé


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There's a train running through Nebraska
There's a cold running through my veins
and as far as I can see,
It's all white. There could no one be (out there)

There's a boy running through Nebraska.
And it's cold in the kitchen, I make some tea
for the rainy day's sake

And as far as my thoughts go
I see you running down the streets in some
Doomed town far away

And i ran my londely way
I would die to catch you on the train today
But you ran down the other way
(For the guilt of the wrongly prayed prayers)

There's a fire running through Nebraska
And it's cold in the kitchen I make some tea
for them rainy days I'd have loved to spend with you
I was lucky enough to escape in the nick of
Time will mitigate all wounds but i
miss you anyway.

And I ran my lonely way
I would've died to catch you on the train
That day.
But we're both hurt.
In another way.

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