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Brutally raped and hacked, vagina torn ripped in half , slash and rend,
Mutilate, garrote the bitch, decapitate, face ripped off, disfigurement,
Bodily dismemberment, guts are spilled, violent death, mangled cunt to
Molest... left embracing the carcass i discover my fomentment, as i
Unconsciously rub up against her gory habiliment, the muliebral texture of
The soused and silken garment, the one and only way to find sexual
Contentment... suffering from mammary and vaginal envy, i fasten around my
Chest the brassiere of the deceased, excising the breasts with painstaking
Precision, i pad my bra with a pair of decomposing falsies... hastily undress
The corpse, peel off clothing, quite a chore, clutching her bousterrie,
Caressing bloody lingerie, grasping for ensanguined garb, my erection is
Growing hard, buttoning the imbrued dress, feminine attire, a bloody mess...
As i adorn myself in my victims blood-stained apparel, my perverse urges are
Fulfilled with overwhelming delight, i ejaculate as i slip into her urine
Soaked panties, my carnal desire that of a necro-transvestite... encrusted,
Runny stockings, finery for a fiend... donning ghastly vestments,
Necro-splattered closet queen...

Autor(es): Exhumed