Necrovores: Decomposing The Inanimate

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[musick - Matt Harvey; lyrixxx - Ross Sewage, 1995]

Laid down amongst several thousand tabanid brethren, Wriggling free from a
post-natal prison, Incubated in the spume of composting meat, Blindly in
search of a necro-pyomorphic feast, Burrowing through layers of necrotic
tissue, Pulpous flesh and muscle sinew, Re-ingesting the digested chyme,
Frolicking in a playground of post-mortem slime... Writhing larvae are gorged
on the lukewarm grey matter, Overwrought with parasites, a rancid head of
splatter... Cranial atrophy is abetted by gnathostomiasis, As gamesome grubs
take to tumbling down sulcus... Dipterous infants, White and limbless, Nursed
on carcass, A pale existence... Relentless quarrying results in anastomosis,
Actuating the event of enteroptosis, Through the extirpation of sustenacula,
The thoughtless act of a juvenile brachycera, The corpse, subjected to
cutaneous larva migrans, Provides temporary dwelling for the pupating clan,
Then, following the harvest of the rancid lysate, The toddlers lie dormant in
order to transmutate... Subsisting solely as a parasitic anathema, These
maggots, the babes of the Musca domestica...

Autor(es): Exhumed