Nenjuu Muchuu "I Want You" (translation)

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Happy Birthday! Isn't it great?
A mountain of presents, cheerfully making merry
The decoration cake is wonderful
Let's sing happily with your ukulele

When you become an adult, there'll be wedding bells
The chapel of romance
Papa and mama, you know, by Adam and Eve
I was born

* Tonight, the sun that rides the wind
will now dance with the stars and moon
January, July, March
Anywhere, no matter where we go
Everyone, with a feeling of happiness
Celebrations of all the year round
Samba, jitterbug, tango
Underneath the world's sky, let's dance

Valentine's Day is a lot of trouble
Girls stay up all night making love love chocolates
Christmas tree, Doll Festival
Anniversaries spinning like a kaleidoscope

Santa Claus is a highway
It's a delay, it's the worst!!
We must do it fast, everything is muddled up
Hurry up! Ah, God!

* Repeat 2x

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