Day At The Fair


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Lethargic as it may seem this
Closure is all that we have
And the neon light on my
Heart is still blinking
Vacancy i'm not ready to
Throw your tears away i'm not
Believing that my mind will
Forget you someday, you said
I would be alright but i keep
On waiting i keep you hanging
From strings of my heart that
Ties itself to you

I still drive the car with
These automatic windows we
Loved so much as we smoked
Our fears away i'm still
Hanging on dreams of castles
And clouds and white picket
Fences and you spending your
Life with me...

You said that i'd be alright
You said that i'd be o.k.
Well i'm not and i'm
Miserable and i'm drinking
Tonight to remember how good
It once felt back when life
Felt real

I'll never give you up i'll
Never find love without
Having an answer of why it's
Not attached to you

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