Nereid Tide Of Neptune's Rudra

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Nereid tide of Neptune’s Rudra astride of Ursus Minor
A cerebral cord is torn a universe of opposites is born
Within a serpent
Sun thirteen Gods to witness unable to sworn

A line of Stars and a conquest of Eternity to align
The Constellations beyond the moons of Mars
O Harlot of Harlots beseech my dream and ignite the fires astride my grave
The fires astride my monuments

O Mother of all Abominations
Thou canine spider of Canaan rip my heart and break the ribs
Form the Sigil of Neptune
O Reptile mistress
Sink thy Cuspids and fill me with your lucid Venom

Lord of Gehennah I ride the chariot of the sun
For I hath become the bringer of the Light
I hath become Neptune’s Son
Worshipped and adored, as the ultimate adversary
Breed of Pan and spawn of Sobek the centuries I wield aside my grasp
To invoke Kings
As formless shades to life
The Moon of Nereid is risen before me, to ignite my Eye

O Rudra
Rudra Bhudeva
O Rudra
Rudra Gurudeva
O Neptune
Rudra Sanatana

Form this
Gate of before
Me Grant me
Entrance to the paths beyond the tides of Nereid Mahesha!
The Voice of Chaos
I Hath Become

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