Nettunian Elve Work Song

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Neptunian Elves
We are free and clearly sober
With so many toys to build
The machines are kind of tricky
Probably someone will be killed
But we gladly work for nothing

Which is good because we don't intend to pay

Neptunian Elves
The elves are back to work today
We have just a couple hours
To make several billion gifts
And the labor isn't easy

Then you'll all work triple shifts
You can make the job go quicker
If you turn up the controls to super speed

Neptunian Elves
It's back to work on Xmas eve

And though your cold and tired and ugly
Your pride will mask the pain

Let my happy smile warm your hearts

Neptunian Elf
Theres a toy lodged in my brain
We are getting awfully tired
And we can't work any faster
And we're very very sorry

Why you selfish little bastards!
Do you want the kids to think
That santas just a crummy empty handed jerk!
Then shut your yaps and back to work!
Now it's very nearly Xmas
And we done the best we could

These toy soldiers are poorly painted

And their made from inferior wood

I should give you all a beating
But i really have to fly

Robot Santa
If I weren't stuck here frozen
I'd harpoon you in the eye

Neptunian Elves
Now it's back into our tenements
To drown ourselves in rye

You did the best you could i guess
And some of these gorillas are OK

Hooray! (we're adequate!)
The elves have rescued Xmas day