Tiger Army

Never Die

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When the slumber of forever's called me home
I will not be gone, oh no you'll never be alone
My words will come to you cross time and space
You'll know where to find me and I'll be there...
I'll be there

Listen to the winds at night
You may hear me call your name
I once felt so alone but now I'm home
And I know that there is something... beyond

The words I speak today shall outlive me
I call on forces that send chills down your spine
For I long to drink of immortality
Of this the nighttime stars, they speak to me
For we all shall someday part the veil
And cross thru to the other side
In one way or another I shall live on and never die
In death as in life... I will arise

Never die!
Never die!
Never die!
Never die!
Never die!
Never die!
Never die!

All hail the darkness, in her majestic glory
She was always my true love, I never quite belonged here
Though I've fallen so far from grace
Please will you keep me in your memory
And a little place for me in your hearts
Eternal soul, it never dies!

Autor(es): Nick 13