Never Fails

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Something that hides.
Something that lies.
It never fails.
Yo, pickin' 'em up, what?
It seems you have a problem,
that with what you cannot hold.
But take a second look at what the past foretold.
That should you not study,
you'd be forced to relive it.
You either can repeat it,
hide or forget it.
And still they let it linger unless you take the bull by the horns,
and in the end it will be your end I will mourn.
Far be it for me to be the one to point the finger.
Apologies unheard from the phone without a ringer, come on!
You said you'd be there when you didn't even give a care.
It just never fails.
Superficial in your attempt when I sent up flares.
It just never fails.
Does it bother you to see me falling from grace?
It just never fails.
Well, shame on me for not seeing that you're two faced.
It just never fails.
Swinging it back and bring it around,
but you say that it never fails.
Lyrical style that I manifest well.
Still I will prevail.
Very well as I can do it,
I pursue it, bring it 'round.
Word profound my sound be down,
we bring it around.
Still you want to put me down,
kick me down, and kicking me to the ground.
I wanna get back up.
Smack up and then right away,
lyrical style will I manifest,
then comin' in back the next day.
Because of them the likes of you would be something I'd rather be.
Manifest inside of me,
what you wanna be,
you see?

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