Never Far Away

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You are the road
That I will travel
You are the words I write
You are the ocean I will swallow
You are the wind I'll ride
You are the cause
To keep my head up high
I'll never say goodbye
You gotta know
I'll stay beside you
Right till the day I die

I don't want the chains
Any more
I've already paid
I don't have to pray
Any more because
My soul has been saved

And now
Whenever I come
Wherever I go
No, you're never
Far away, far away
Never far away

You're the blood
That's in my veins
You're my second skin
I'm a feather on the wind
You will breathe me in
Every heart
Should have a beat
Every night a dream
Every king
Should have a queen
And every saint
A sin

When I fall hard
You make sure I don't break
Give me life inside
Of heaven's gates
I know, it's forever
And you taught me
How to live like love comes first
Gave me definition
For the words
I know
That there ain't
No space between
You and me

Autor(es): Balewa Muhammad / Chris Cornell / Ezekiel Lewis / Jerome Jroc Harmon / Timothy Mosley

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