Never Make Your Move Too Soon

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Three days of snow in a burn'in hell, bet your a wanderin how I am
I rang that number all night long, got no comfort on the telephone
Went out and caught me a midnight flight, thought alittle lovin would make it
all alright
The landlord said you moved away and left me all of your bills to pay,
look out baby I think you made your move to soon,
He left me with some cheap old car, livin in Vegas aint to hard
I ran it up to about 15 grand, counted it out and held in my hand
That kind a word will get around, I met the law and they called your bond
Now I hear ya knockin baby at my door, but you don't live hear no more
Hey baby, I think you made your move to soon. Intrumental
Guy sings: I've been from Spain to Tokyo, Africa and Ohio,
I never try to make the news, I'm just someone who sings those low down blues
I take my lovin everywhere, I come back to see if ya still care
One lover here, one behind, one in my arms, one on my mind,
But baby I never make my move to soon
Oh you can count on us darling never make your move to soon

Autor(es): Will Jennings

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