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Demons in his mind
Bind to write the word
Word forevermore

Master of the pen
When the raven lies
Sighes, but never dies

The imp of
The perverse
Whisper from the drink
The mask of
The red death
Hides the face of his tortured soul

Free mind confined
Just behind reality
Its kingdom is by the sea
Grim rhymes of yore
Were born in Baltimore
The bird said: "Nevermore"

He was in love for
The olny cause of doom
Fighting for love with
The enamoured tomb

Was his love
Like a dove
Tender sweet and frail
Like a Sail
In a gale
He was the eternal lover


In the edge of knife
Life in the tight rope
Hope to take the slope

In the time of tears
Near the last shore
Sore to take the door

The pit and
The pendulum
Hang over his heart
The black cat
The one-eyed
Sees his conscience beyond the wall


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