Never No Mo' Blues

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I'm just as blue as I can be
Since Susie said goodbye to me
My life is a failure I see
And she won't be my gal no mo', no mo', no mo'.

I'll pack my things in a grip
Take me a long ocean trip
Out on the great big steamship
She'll never see her daddy no mo', no mo', no mo'.

Still I hate to say farewell
To my mammy and my sister Nell
Then she'll gonna cry when I tell
That I ain't comin' home no mo', no mo', no mo'.

--- Instrumental ---

I may be sorry someday
That I leave here and go away
But they need not ask me to stay
For I'll never change my mind no mo', no mo', no mo'.

Now whether I'm right or wrong
I'm gonna be gone before long
And then I'll hush this crazy song
And I never will sing no mo', no mo', no mo'...

Autor(es): Elsie McWilliams / Jimmie Rodgers

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